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sarvodya nano finance ltd mfi fully owned by rural women

Analysing the credit needs... Evaluation and Grading... Assessing the income generating... Approving bestgrafix loan for the... more...


Through a network of federations of Self  Help Groups registered as Sarvodaya Mutual Benefit Trusts top 10 source. These trusts act as more...


Motivation Program for SMBT Staff members on 15-16 Oct 2005

Homepage of SNFL| | launched on Sep 7 2005


Sarvodaya Dairy Support Program Sarvodaya Self Support Scheme Sarvodaya Study Now Repay later Program from top ten ranks


Sarvodaya Nano Finance is a NBFC - mFI creating financial intermediation models that raise funding resources from the financial market using community resources as a leverage on top10foreverything.

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Women's Rally at Madhuranthagam more

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