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Processes > Appraisal and Evaluation

There are three (3) stages in Appraisals and Evaluation




Stage (1) Every Self Help Group which is a member of the SMBT is graded and evaluated as per well laid out clear indicators of Performance. Only groups which get atleast a grade of 'B', among the grades ranging from A-D will be eligible to apply for a loan from the SMBT.

Stage (2) When an application is forwarded by a SHG, a loan committee at the SMBT will approve the loan before the Field executive of SNFL appraises and evaluates the loan applications.

Stage (3) The field executives of Sarvodaya Nano Finance Ltd. will scrutinize the applications submitted by the SMBT concerned, supported by the applications from the SHGs, on aspects of gradings, membership, regular attendance of meetings, savings, internal rotation of savings, bookkeeping, earlier history of the SHG loan taking and audit where required. Any SHG, which is more than one year old, will have to undergo an audit by an external qualified chartered accountant.

If satisfied, the executive will recommend the loan, else reject the same.

Once the application reaches the office of SNFL, the same is once again scrutinized by the Loan Processing Department and if found to be satisfactory, the same will be placed before a loan committee at SNFL also which may or may not approve the loan after due diligence and deliberations.