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Having started as an offshoot of “Bhoodan Movement” to carry out the noble mission of developing the “Bhoodan Lands” (meaning donated lands), in 1969 in a small village in Tamil Nadu, Association for Sarva Seva Farms or ASSEFA, is a development organisation.

ASSEFA has been working towards achieving the Gandhian philosophy of “Sarvodaya” meaning “Welfare for all”.

Its objectives are “Improving the economic, social and cultural status of the rural communities and enhance their skills and self-management capacity. ASSEFA also wants the rural communities to unite without any kind of discrimination and work for the up-liftment of the social, cultural and economic life of all and to establish self-sufficient, self-reliant and self managed communities based on the principles of freedom, economic equality and social justice.”

Sarvodaya Nano Finance limited is a part of this grand plan, in enabling the improvement of the economic and social quality of life, especially women and artisans. more...


BASIX is a group of companies involved in making financial and techno-managerial support services available to rural producers, including the poor and women, on a commercially sustainable basis.

The Mission of BASIX is to promote a large number of sustainable livelihoods, including for the rural poor and women, through the provision of financial services and technical assistance in an integrated manner. BASIX will strive to yield a competitive rate of return to its investors so as to be able to access mainstream capital markets and human resources on a continuous basis.


ASSEFA and BASIX share certain common ideals and some individuals sit on the governing boards of both the Instituitions and work together for a common cause while ASSEFA takes pride in its community based and community oriented approach to its integrated development BASIX focuses on livelihood issues using professionals and technology in a big way. The two Instituitions play a complementary role. more...

HDFC Bank Limited

HDFC Bank Limited is a leading Private Sector Bank in India who had been supporting Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited in its endeavours. more...

Indian Bank

Indian Bank is a leading Nationalised Bank from South India who has been in the forefront of development of women entrepreneurs.

Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited is supported by Indian Bank in some of these endeavours. more...


ING Vysya Bank

ING Vysya Bank is a leading Multi National Bank which has been in the forefront of development individual  entrepreneurs.

Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited is supported by ING Vysya in some of these endeavours. more...



Sa-Dhan is the association of Community Development Finance Institutions, founded by SEWA Bank, BASIX, Dhan Foundation, FWWB, MYRADA, RGVN, SHARE and PRADAN.

Sa-Dhan's evolution was the result of the stated need for a common platform for microfinance in India by the key practitioners in the microfinance sector who recognised that despite their diversity they had to increase the outreach of existing programmes, launch new initiatives or negotiate with policy makers for a favourable environment. more...

Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI)

SIDBI has partnered with Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited in funding as well as in capacity building exercises. more...


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