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Sarvodaya Nano Finance Limited provides three types of loan products namely:

Multi Purpose Credit

At present, unfortunately, there is no good credit system, which provides loans for emergencies, consumption or immediate needs, of the rural population, especially the poor. Due to this, many poor people are forced to take loans from the local moneylenders in case of emergency credit needs and are caught in a debt trap, from which there is no way out but to keep on borrowing more, sometimes at usurious rates of interest. To address this specific situation, the concept of Multi Purpose Credit has been introduced... >>more

Micro-Enterprises Credit

For farmers with small land holdings, agriculture is becoming an increasingly risky livelihood. Further, a large majority of the rural poor have little or no access to land.

Thus, there is an imperative need to look at other options of livelihood. Micro-enterprises, like petty trade and small business development (SBD) prove to be an important alternative source of income... >>more

Dairy Promotion Credit

Dairy is one of the better-suited activities for rural women for several reasons. But due to factors like the higher initial investment, risks in terms of cattle health and insurance, limitations in marketing an essentially perishable commodity, this sector needs a special package. Credit for dairy animals will have to necessarily take into consideration marketing linkage, cattle protection or risk cover, veterinary services etc. Hence, we have designed a separate product for the dairy sector... >>more


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